Serve With Us

One of our core activities is service in our community. We believe in our profound interconnectedness, so we know that when we serve others, we are also serving ourselves. We wish to grow deeper in service and hope you will join us. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday Gatherings

We are committed to creating a space to build community and foster inner growth. We meet every Wednesday evening to share food and conversation and take time to go within. These gatherings bring together people of different faiths, all uniting to ground themselves in love. Join us! Click here to learn more.

The Stillness Movement

Motivated by love to share the powerful tool of meditation with others, we hope to help people pursue inner growth, inner peace, and inner strength along their life journeys, the practice of which will strengthen and better our community and our world. Click here to learn more.

Sunday Awakenings

Infinite Love hosts “Sunday Awakenings” where we invite inspirational speakers to share their light with our community. Each speaker has something unique to share: secrets of healing, stories of inspiration, reminders to live each day in celebration, and more. Visit our Events page to learn more!

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