Nov 29: Thanksgiving Fellowship at the Park

We once again hosted a Thanksgiving feast for our needy brothers and sisters at the park, complete with live music and a clothing drive!  We had extra good news this year: we  received the generous support of the Chefs of McAllen! Several offered to come forward and cook the entire event meal. It wasa delicious […]

Nov 24: Shahana and Shirin

View Shahana and Shirin’s talk with Infinite Love: About Shahana and Shirin Shahana Dattagupta is the Author of Thrive! Falling in Love with Life, and Shahana and Shirin are founders of the online magazine Flying Chickadee. Shahana serves as a creativity catalyst, teacher and healer. The domains of her work include storytelling and creative writing, design […]

Oct 23: Pancho Ramos Stierle

Infinite Love was so honored to be able to have a conversation with love warrior Pancho Ramos Stierle from Oakland, CA. Pancho joined us via Skype at one of our Wednesday Meditation Gatherings and shared from the heart. The whole room of Infinite Love volunteers felt the fierce love in Pancho’s eyes and in his […]

Oct 13: Dr. Binny Sareen

On Oct. 13, Dr. Binny Sareen, Doctor of Spiritual Counseling from the Brahma Kumari Center in India, was our Sunday Awakening guest. The topic was “Art of Happy Living.”  Click here to see a video interview with one of the current Brahma Kumari leaders to get a sense of their wisdom and philosophy.  We also hosted […]

Sept 29: Ḥakīm Ilyās

In keeping with our mission of fostering inner growth, Infinite Love hosts “Sunday Awakenings” where we invite inspirational speakers to share their light with our community. On September 29, Ḥakīm Ilyās was our esteemed Sunday Awakening guest. Read below to find out more about this traditional holistic healer and what he shared with us on Sept. 29th.   […]

July 14: Keidi Keating

In keeping with our mission of fostering inner growth, Infinite Love started a “Sunday Awakening” series where we invite inspirational speakers to share their light with our community on one Sunday every other month. We are excited to say that our first Sunday Awakening was held on July 14, 2013 with the amazing Keidi Keating, the love-lit author of The Light: A Book of Wisdom.It […]

June 19: Mr. C Johnson via Skype

In keeping with our mission of fostering inner growth in our community, Infinite Love invited Mr. Charley Johnson to speak to us via skype and he accepted! The event took place on Wednesday June 19, 2013 at the INFINITE LOVE CENTER The program was as follows: Doors open at 6.30pm Dinner served at 6.45pm Presentation […]

April 04: Eat, Pray, Love Author

On April 4, 2013, Infinite Love hosted its second major guest speaking event with Nipun Mehta, founder of ServiceSpace, and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. It was an beautiful evening with over 500 people in attendance! Please see below for videos and pictures from the event. Nipun Mehta, Founder of ServiceSpace Nipun Mehta […]

Feb 14 2013: Share your Love Kindness Campaign

Celebrating Infinite Loves’ One-Year Anniversary with Random Acts of Kindness By Adriana Gonzalez, Infinite Love Volunteer Infinite Love was founded on Valentine’s Day of 2012, so we celebrated our one-year anniversary on Valentine’s day of 2013. We launched a kindness campaign, asking everyone to share their love by doing a random act of kindness for […]

Nov 11, 2012: Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch as Infinite Love’s First Guest Speaker by Koushilia Sachdev Mr. Walsch’s message of love and his humbling story of homelessness was part of what inspired Infinite Love to work with the homeless. After achieving their dream of establishing Infinite Love, another one of their dreams was realized when Mr. Walsch agreed to […]