About Us

Infinite Love is an entirely volunteer-run, non-profit organization based in McAllen, Texas. Our mission is to serve others by offering emotional, spiritual, and resource-based support to help, heal, and uplift the community. Infinite Love is also dedicated to providing a space for community building and fostering inner growth. Infinite Love is not affiliated with any religious or political group and brings together individuals from all different faiths and backgrounds.

Please enjoy the following video about Infinite Love.

Infinite Love from Purple Porcupine Media on Vimeo.

Service Activities

To fulfill its mission of service, members bring fresh food and warm company to the homeless at a local park every Tuesday and Friday evening. The organization supplements this outreach by working toward providing housing for individuals in dire need of shelter while they work on getting their lives back in order.

Infinite love also spends time visiting cancer patients and their families to provide meals and emotional support during their struggle. Our dream is to have a place of lodging and rest for patients and families who come to McAllen for cancer treatment. Knowing that they do not have to worry about lodging expenses or finding a place to stay should help alleviate some of their discomfort and allow them to focus on getting better.

While giving, we also receive. Our service not only uplifts those we serve, but it also reminds us of our deep connection to each other, which facilitates our mission of fostering inner growth.

Find out more or fill out a volunteer form if you would like to participate.

Fostering Inner Growth

To foster community and inner growth in South Texas, Infinite Love holds group meditation sessions at the Infinite Love Center every Wednesday evening. Attendees share food provided by the volunteers, connect to each other in friendship, and meditate together to pursue balance and inner peace in a sometimes harsh world. Click here to find out more.

Infinite Love also brings motivational and spiritual speakers to South Texas to uplift and inspire the community. Previous guest speakers include Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God), Nipun Mehta (founder of ServiceSpace), and Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love). A portion of the event tickets are reserved to give away as gifts to those who would love to attend but do not have the resources to comfortably purchase a ticket.

Founders’ Story

The story behind the founding of Infinite Love involves heartache and suffering. As most stories of pain go, however, it ends with the light of breakthroughs and incredible growth.

The four ladies who founded Infinite Love – three sisters and one cousin – had established themselves and their families in South Texas. They had settled into comfortable lives before the suffering and tragedy came. It shook them out of their slumber: they lost two family members to devastating fights with cancer, had to face the reality of a nephew who became paralyzed from the waist down in an accident, and had to support one of the ladies as she experienced a tumultuous divorce. As difficult as these events were, they left the grounds fertile for planting the seeds of a shift. In need of a source of deep healing, these ladies turned to the deeper questions. Why am I here? What is important to me? How do I want to live my life? Everywhere they turned, to spiritual speakers, personal gurus, and countless books, the answer to these questions was always the same: Love. Love for others, love for your “enemies,” and love for yourself. The more they looked, the deeper they healed. The more they healed, the more they wanted to help others heal.

These invaluable gifts of tragedy and suffering awakened a certain awareness in the women. They began to feel deep truths as they struggled through their challenges and leaned on the shoulders of friends, family, and strangers. We are more alike and more interconnected than we realize, they noticed. Regardless of how much someone earns, regardless of the differences in our likes and dislikes, and regardless of what family and part of the world we happen to be born in, we all have experienced and we all understand loneliness, heartache, suffering, love, and longing. And we depend on each other every day, despite how independent we aim to be. The beauty of this realization is that when they started to see the world as their family, a desire emerged to love others as they would love their own family.

Will fully opened hearts, on Valentine’s Day of 2012, the four ladies announced that they were starting an organization called Infinite Love. And the journey continues today.


(L-R) Pooja Chugani, Geeta Thadani, Alka Vaswani, and Malka Shivdasani