May 11: Women of Love

Women of Love

Saturday, May 11 at 11am
Infinite Love Center (2205 Cornerstone Blvd)

We are happy to announce our next Women of Love meeting this Saturday, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Please join us to celebrate the divine feminine and to give yourself a little love.

We are honored to host two special guest speakers at the event, see below!

Hope to see you there! For more information, email us or call 956-433-2232.

With love and gratitude,

The Infinite Love Team

Aanchal Jain

Aanchal (joining us from India via Skype) is a poet, artist, certified Reiki master healer, and a spiritual counselor. Through her meditation practice and Reiki healing, she is passionate about helping womenconnect to their higher selves and spread love. She believes that when you give love you get love, too. She believes the perfect life is one which is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Dina Sabnani

Dina is a gifted Theta healer, intuitive success coach and global transformation leader. Dina’s specialties include healing modalities, mindset work, divine manifestation strategies and much more. Dina has been recognized by the UAE Ambassador for International Happiness day and founded the Happiness Club in Dubai. She has also spoken on many stages across the world sharing her passion for living and loving our best life now!

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