July 10: Shawn Elliot Russell, Working With Anxiety

Wednesday, July 10
6:45pm: Dinner Served
7:15pm: Shawn Elliot Russell
8-9pm: Regular Weekly Meditation and Circle of Sharing

About Shawn

Shawn Elliot Russell is an author and inspirational speaker. In 2006, he was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks and in 2013, became debilitated with anxiety, leaving him jobless, homebound, and terrified to be alive.

After years of research and experimentation, he developed a new understanding of anxiety and a system for working with it, becoming more successful and at peace than ever before. With the hope of helping others, he wrote “Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still”, embedding everything he learned into the story.  

Six years later, his book has won the 2018 McAllen Innovation Grant Award, has been featured in The Monitor and The Brownsville Herald as well as CBS 4, and was the second best-selling book of the year on the McAllen Barnes & Noble store shelves. Shawn travels the state, sharing his journey and the books message of peace, hope, and courage.  

Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still

About the Talk

At Infinite Love, Shawn will share his understanding and system for working with anxiety, developed through years of personal trials and research, that’s allowed him to go from being debilitated with panic to thriving as a successful author, living free, fulfilled, and at peace.

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