May 1 2016: Journey to Peace

On May 1, 2016 Infinite Love hosted a powerful day-long seminar, in our very own Rio Grande Valley!

Three path-blazing spiritual pilgrims from around the world visited the RGV to share their visions on how to live “inside-out,” with purpose, self-realization, and contentment. See below for the all-star lineup and videos of their of talks. 🙂

All proceeds supported the work of Infinite Love. For more information or for future sponsorship opportunities, email us at


“Journey To Peace” Special Guests



Preston Smiles, motivational speaker and author of Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life, visited from Los Angeles to share how embracing our mess instead of hiding from it allows us to step into true freedom. For more information about Preston, visit



Nimo Patel, international rapper, humanitarian, and founder of Empty Hands Music, joined us from India to share his music and talk about how the transformation from ego-focused living to inner-focused living eases suffering and invites peace. For more information about Nimo, visit About Empty Hands Music.



Simran Singh, author of award-winning Conversations with the Universe, Your Journey to Enlightenment, and Your Journey to Love, joined us from the east coast to talk about what it means to live authentically and with connection between mind and heart. For more information about Simran, visit