May 4: Richard Waterborn

Infinite Love hosts “Sunday Awakenings” on one Sunday every other month to foster inner growth. On Sunday, May 4, Richard Waterborn shared his wisdom with Infinite Love.

Watch his full talk below:

More About Richard Waterborn

Richard is an internationally known healer and teacher. When not travelling he lives in SW Ireland and the South of Spain where he founded and runs the Heaven and Earth centre dedicated to personal healing and planetary transformation.

His approach to healing integrates an academic background in Natural Sciences & Psychology with a lifetime’s experience of self-healing, spiritual quest and soul-discovery during which he has trained and worked with some of the most innovative healers and teachers of our time. During a professional practice spanning 25 years he has synthesized the best and most effective methods and techniques into a unique and powerful healing modality. His experience with literally thousands of clients from many countries and diverse cultures brings a profound depth of understanding and compassion to his work. He believes that anything can be healed. For more information go to

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